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Citroen C3 – e-HDi Airdream VTR+ 1.6 (Diesel) manual
ur1stcar score
2010 — current
body shape
5 door  Hatchback
New price (from)
£15500 — list price
£14700 — what to pay
£14200 — nearly new

low insurance group
good fuel economy
running costs
size — spacious
size — compact

General description

Nice to see Citroen getting back to making French cars again - stylish, roomy and comfy.

Good job they've also upped the quality, especially of the interior, at the same time.

Things to look for when buying one

The cheapest car you can buy with :-

A flat-bottom steering wheel (the only sporty bit in the entire car ! )

and an optional windscreen that reaches right back over the front occupant's heads (though it's not available on the VT).

The good bits

So much higher quality than the previous model.

It's very soft-riding compared to most other current superminis.

The not so good bits

ESP (Electronic Stability Programme ) is not available on the VT or VTR+. You have to buy the 'Exclusive' to even have the (£285) option to fit ESP. This has cost Citroen a 5Star EuroNCAP rating and they should be ashamed of themselves !

List prices are a bit steep but just wait 'till the usual downward spiral starts and see where they stop.

The entry level 1.1 will be a bit slow but economical.

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